Director of Specialized Services, QMHA

Jeremie is a Program Administrator and provides direct support and oversight to the managers of several SLMH treatment programs including our Assertive Community Treatment program and our Adult Foster home. As a Director, Jeremie participates in agency-wide development and implements changes at a program level.

Jeremie grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe just outside of a small town called Placerville, CA. He moved to Eugene, OR in March of 2010 and worked as a Raft Guide on the McKenzie river for a season. Jeremie began working for SLMH in September of 2013.

SLMH is in the “healthy relationships” business. As such we commit ourselves to carry that lens in every aspect of our work, including in our leadership. It is Jeremie’s great pleasure to participate as a leader in an agency that values and fosters healthy communication, personal growth, and professional development.

Jeremie loves immersing himself in our beautiful natural surroundings, including hiking, swimming, and camping. A walk in the trees, swimming in the river, burying his feet in the sand on the beach, or poking a campfire is Jeremie’s ultimate Zen. As a social person, he also loves a good BBQ or tabletop game night with friends.