Intensive Outpatient Support Services (IOSS)

IOSS is a program designed to provide additional behavioral supports to youth and families in addition to standard therapy. It is referred to as a type of “wrap around service” due to the design of the program to work with, not only the youth, but care providers and other service providers such as teachers, doctors, the Department of Human Services, and natural supports.

The target population is generally youth who display behavior that risks their own, or others safety or stability. For example, if a youth is acting in a way that risks their foster home placement, or is resulting in an inability to maintain attendance in a classroom, or is displaying suicidality, self-injurious behavior, or major depressive symptoms, IOSS is an appropriate referral. IOSS provides skills training, education, and case management support to youth and families, in addition to the therapy they are receiving.  

The Acronym changed a few years back from ICTS (Intensive Community Treatment Services) when Lane County developed a program called “Wrap Around” or simply “Wrap”. This program, administered by a Lane County provider called Direction Services, has a focus of creating open communication with the identified child’s “Team” and maintaining a monthly format for communication around focused goals. They also do various case management services for the youth and family. 

When this program became established in Lane County, fidelity requirements for the ICTS program were changed and this program was rebranded as IOSS. (Fidelity measures are tools to assess the implementation of intervention or program models, and as such, can help address the major challenge for mental health services of translating scientific knowledge into patient benefit.) IOSS was then able to partner with Wrap to meet the complex needs of the youth.

Assertive Community Treatment

ACT is designed to provide treatment that is not restrictive and is very accessible. The Assertive Community Treatment Association (ACTA) has developed a number of key principles that guide this form of treatment. These include:

  • Providing out-of-office treatment in a community setting or the individual’s home
  • Acting as a primary service provider for a range of treatment services
  • Offering individualized treatments designed to meet each person’s needs and help them reach their goals
  • Helping clients become better integrated into their communities and gain access to needed services
  • Helping address the needs of family members who are also affected by offering support
  • Providing psychoeducation so that people can better understand their condition
  • Offering vocational support to help people acquire both life and job skills

Because ACT is so adaptable, it can be utilized to address a wide range of needs.

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