Agility The needs and expectations of clients, staff, and community partners continually change and evolve. We strive to be flexible and responsive within this changing environment as we change or develop new mission-driven policies, programs, and services.

Community South Lane Mental Health was created by, and continues to receive support from, our local community. In turn, we remain committed to identifying and addressing community needs. Client services are community-based. In addition to serving clients in our offices, we meet clients in their homes, schools, medical settings, and other community spaces. We strive to create an agency characterized by teamwork, cooperative decision-making, and mutual support.

Compassion We recognize the profound impact of adversity and trauma, both direct and vicarious, in people’s lives. Therefore, we seek to extend compassion to our clients, our staff, and our community partners.

Diversity We pledge to create and maintain places of healing that are welcoming to people of diverse cultures and life experiences. We believe that diversity among clients, staff, and community partners strengthens South Lane Mental Health and we strive to promote diversity and culturally competent practices.

Empowerment South Lane Mental Health is particularly committed to the empowerment of clients who are vulnerable, marginalized, living in poverty or experiencing other forms of social injustice. We understand that the experience of social injustice often limits individuals’ and families’ ability to have hope, make and follow through on plans, or have basic opportunities to meet their goals. We empower clients by helping them access services, information, and resources.

Grace We know that everyone makes mistakes. We aim to learn from our own mistakes and allow others to do the same.

Growth We believe in the inherent capacity of our clients to grow and thrive, and we strive to provide services that help clients access that capacity. We enthusiastically support staff members’ personal and professional development by offering regular supervision and training opportunities and encouraging staff to pursue personal goals. South Lane Mental Health and our community benefit from the growth of clients and staff.

Innovation — We do not believe there is one model or type of treatment that works best for everyone. We support clients in finding creative solutions that build on their strengths and work for them. Staff members are encouraged to develop new ways to help us serve our clients and community. Program development can start anywhere, and we actively work to support good ideas.

Introspection As an agency that encourages clients to thoughtfully examine themselves and their lives in order to create positive changes, we also engage in organizational introspection. We invite staff to routinely review policies and procedures during our planning process and committee meetings.

Persistence Through our extensive range of services, we demonstrate our willingness to support clients as they work to overcome long-term issues. Likewise, we are committed to staff development and advocacy for community change.

Respect We value the dignity and worth of all people. We treat our clients, staff members, and community partners with respect. We recognize the right of clients to self-determination

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