Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In 2020 South Lane Mental Health brought together a group of concerned staff to form the Equity and Inclusion Committee. We seek to promote equity and inclusion within our agency as well as the larger Cottage Grove Community. Our hearts go out to members of our community that have been impacted directly or indirectly by recent and historic violence against people of color. We believe that black lives matter, and we support those that seek justice and equity for all.  The pain, frustration, and emotional toll that communities of color continually endure due to systemic racism add to existing disparities.

The time is now for all of us to work together to build stronger communities, address social, health, and economic disparities, and to heal the divisions in our society.  We call on all community members, especially those in leadership roles, to model compassion and strive for constructive solutions.

The Equity and Inclusion Committee produces newsletters with the intention of supporting and promoting Equity and Inclusion within our agency as well as with our clients and community. We hope each month’s edition will bring discussion, consideration and shared language. Each edition will present a specific topic for discussion, with multiple resources for additional information and education.

Pronoun Usage:

We’d like to pass along some information and tips for how we can all help to normalize sharing of pronouns. Those of who are correctly gendered by others might wonder why we need to tell people something that they already get right. Sharing your pronouns helps normalize the process. It makes it easier for others to share their pronouns as they aren’t the only ones doing so. It also ensures that we are not making assumptions about gender or pronouns based simply on the appearance of others.

Some of you may be asking yourselves “How exactly am I supposed to share my pronouns?” We have created a handy list for you. 🙂

Easy ways to share your pronouns

Add your pronouns to your email signature.

Include your pronouns on Zoom (note that if there are a lot of folks in a meeting, Zoom will truncate your name, so it is best to do: Eyrah (he/him) or Eyrah (he/him) Lobsten

Add your pronouns to your business cards

Include pronouns on your Public Disclosure Statement

Add your pronouns to your door or desk area

Wear a pronoun pin

Include your pronouns when introducing yourself “I am Laird, he/him, and…”

Kindly correct your coworkers/friends when you hear them using the wrong pronouns for another staff member, client or mutual friend by noting the pronoun at the time, or by using the correct one in your next sentence: “I believe that Judea’s pronoun is they,” or “Last time I talked to Judea, they were curious…”

If you notice a coworker or friend struggling with pronouns, offer to practice with them.

Include nonbinary and trans when listing genders (For example: “Do you have any preference for the gender of your assigned therapist? Male, female, trans, non-binary?”)

Here’s a great video on the use of pronouns:

Please share your comments, concerns and questions with the form below. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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