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Rental Application Assistance for our Clients in Need
Homelessness is a growing problem and, as is usually the case, it is not a chosen way of life for most. Circumstances beyond a person’s control can often have devastating effects, creating unsafe living conditions; and, being unhoused has a huge detrimental effect on one’s mental health. The average cost of a rental application is $40, and many of our clients don’t have extra money for this purpose, therefore remain unhoused, or in poor living conditions.
South Lane Mental Health estimates that every month approximately 15 clients come to us asking for financial assistance for rental applications. We’d like to help every client that comes to us with this need, but as a non-profit we just don’t have the means to do this. We are asking the community to come together in support of your neighbors who need help in this way.
Based on the numbers of clients that make this request each month and the average numbers of applications needing to be filled out if they had the money to do so, we estimate that this need is in the ballpark of $3,600 for one year’s worth of assistance for our clients. The Cottage Grove Presbyterian Church has stepped up to partially fill this need – Thank you CGPC! – and we are hopeful that other local organizations and individuals will do the same. If 45 individuals give $40 each, we will reach this goal. Thank you in advance for your support, and please click below to donate:

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