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South Lane Mental Health is governed by a volunteer board of directors, which includes positions for a client and a liaison to the First Presbyterian Church.

The board meets once per month. Board members also serve on operating committees and meet as necessary.

Jim Harrison joined the South Lane Mental Health Board of Directors shortly after retiring from a 30-year career in family medicine in 2014.

Jim was raised in California, and moved to Wisconsin to attend the Medical College of Wisconsin. Upon graduation, he and his wife, Lauren Fuller (also a physician), worked in a rural community health center for 18 years. The non-profit health center, in a Wisconsin town of 500 people, provided urgent care as well as comprehensive family medicine and was able to serve all area residents regardless of their ability to pay or insurance status. Because of the size of the health center, Jim took on a role that combined patient care with administrative responsibilities. Eventually he led an organization of clinicians from 100 similar health centers in the Midwest.

In 2002, Jim and Lauren relocated to Cottage Grove, where Jim joined PeaceHealth. At PeaceHealth Cottage Grove, Jim maintained a family medicine practice and also assumed some administrative roles including as the local Medical Director. He also assisted in companywide efforts in quality, safety, process improvement, patient portal development and medical group redesign.

Through his work, Jim became acquainted with South Lane Mental Health. From the start, he was impressed by the vision, compassion, scope, and quality of South Lane Mental Health. The community-based, service-oriented nature of the non-profit mental health organization was attractive and reminiscent of his Wisconsin days.

Jim has always had as a goal to help improve community health. So when a chance to join the South Lane Mental Health Board appeared in 2014, Jim readily accepted the offer. “South Lane Mental Health’s vision is to optimize mental health through advocacy, education, service, compassion and support,” he said. “It is such a fundamental element to our community’s healthy future that serving together with the team to make it a reality is the chance of a lifetime.”

In addition to serving on the South Lane Mental Health Board of Directors, Jim also serves on the board for the Cottage Grove Community Foundation and volunteers with the BLM and Forest Service. He enjoys gardening with his wife, hiking, traveling, spending time with extended family, and virtually anything involving a bicycle.

Rob Dickinson joined the South Lane Mental Health Board of Directors in October of 2014.

Rob holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley, and spent 16 years working in the high technology sector in Silicon Valley before transitioning to nonprofit work and community volunteering. He worked on a wide variety of commercial software products and Internet applications at both large and small companies, including 3Com, Apple Computer, Taligent, Perspecta, Novation Biosciences, and others.

Rob subsequently worked at a number of nonprofit organizations in the field of electoral reform, including roles as a consultant, employee, and volunteer at various organizations such as Californians for Electoral Reform, the New America Foundation, FairVote, and National Popular Vote. The highlight of this work was drafting a number of bills to improve California’s voting methods and facilitating their introduction in the California legislature and working to move them through the legislative process.

As a member and Vice Chair of Redwood City’s Housing and Human Concerns Committee, Rob was exposed to the complex challenges facing those with mental health issues and the critical need to have well designed and complementary service offerings to improve their quality of life.

After moving to Cottage Grove in 2010, Rob has become involved with a number of local nonprofits focused on building community and social capital in and around Cottage Grove, including Sustainable Cottage Grove, Another Way Enterprises, and others.

“I am proud to be involved with South Lane Mental Health, as this organization provides essential services that make a huge difference in the lives of our clients. It is a mature, well-run organization that is constantly looking for better ways to deliver these services and to increase its positive impacts in the community”.

Community volunteer Cathy Bellavita joined the South Lane Mental Health Board of Directors in November 2009.

Cathy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in social welfare from the University of California at Berkeley and a Masters degree in library science from Columbia University. She has held positions as a public health worker, congressional researcher and news librarian.

Cathy is a founding member and vice president of the board of directors for Friends of Mt. David, a community based non-profit organization that supports citizen involvement in community planning in Cottage Grove.

Cathy learned about South Lane Mental Health and its impact on the community when she volunteered to help organize the Town & Country Garden Tour.

“Mental health is at the root of so many social issues, and it is finally being recognized as a critical component of health care services,” Cathy says. “Cottage Grove is fortunate to have such a robust agency offering these services to area residents. Through a combination of good will and a professional approach, South Lane Mental Health shows it’s possible to do good well. It is an honor to serve on this board.”

William H. (Bill) Trotter is a Certified Public Accountant who has been on the South Lane Mental Health Board of Directors for over 20 years.

He has specialized in consulting and reimbursement for mental health agencies in California, Washington, and Oregon. He is currently a partner in Emerald CPA Group LLP performing audits for non-profit and governmental agencies as well as tax work for individuals and businesses.

Bill holds an MBA from Columbia University and a PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In his first career, he taught history of art at Grinnell College and the University of Oregon.

Alan Baas has been a member of the board of directors for South Lane Mental Health since 2007.

Alan graduated from Santa Clara University in 1966. He worked as a high school English teacher and as a copy editor for the Wall Street Journal, in addition to writing and editing for other educational publications. He is retired from the Oregon Student Assistance Commission, where he was a scholarship administrator. He currently chairs the South Lane School District Board of Directors.

Alan supports South Lane Mental Health because of its vital role in the community.

“Through its dedicated staff and the commitment of its citizen advisory board, this agency articulates what I believe are some of the most important tenets of our society — that we are a government of the people, by the people and for the people; that neighbors are to take care of each other in appropriate and compassionate ways; that our local broad environment (city, county, state) should be respected and tended to as carefully as we tend to our immediate nests,” he says.

Ana Maria Dudley joined the South Lane Mental Health Board in 2013.

A long-time Cottage Grove resident, Ana Maria is deeply involved in the community. For more than 20 years, she has been on the staff at Peggy’s Primary Connection, the South Lane School District’s family resource center. She has concurrently worked as a Community Health Worker and Spanish-language interpreter for PeaceHealth Cottage Grove for the past decade after previously being a volunteer interpreter at the former Cottage Grove Community Hospital.

Ana Maria grew up in El Salvador and came to the United States following the start of the civil war there in 1980.

She moved to Cottage Grove in 1993. She is married to Tim Dudley, a retired Cottage Grove High School teacher, and is the proud mother of her grown children, Andrew and Amanda. Before moving to Oregon, she was a Customer Service Manager for Nordstrom in Southern California.

In addition to South Lane Mental Health, Ana Maria also serves on the PeaceHealth Cottage Grove Community Hospital Governing Board and on the Bohemia Park Board of Directors.

“I am an advocate of health and well-being for individuals and the community, and mental health is a vital aspect of overall health. To me, mental health is community health,” Ana Maria says. “I am so proud to serve along with such a dedicated and committed group of people who have a vision for the well-being of our community.”

Ann Billups has been the Client Representative Member of the Board of Directors for South Lane Mental Health since 2011.

A retired elementary school teacher, Ann graduated from Cal State University at Los Angeles, and holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from Azusa Pacific University. She and her husband, Bob, (also a retired school teacher) moved to Cottage Grove from Southern California in June 2005.

Ann became aware of South Lane Mental Health in 2007 when she started attending the sponsored grief group following the death of her mother. In 2010, her husband of 42 years died unexpectedly and she again turned to South Lane Mental Health for help in dealing with her grief.

“I have found the support and counseling offered by South Lane Mental Health a great help in this new phase of my life. I am proud that I can offer a connection between the Board and the clients that the organization serves and give the Board the client perspective in making decisions.”

Dorothy Kilmer, a retired Family Nurse Practitioner, joined the South Lane Mental Health Board of Directors in 2016.

Dorothy was born in Denver, Colo., and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she graduated from high school and later from the University of Utah with a BS in Nursing and an MSN as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

In 1982, Dorothy worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner and clinic manager at a medical clinic in Pierce, Idaho, a town of 1,000 people. There, she met her husband, John Petrick, a Forestry Supervisor for the U.S. Forest Service. They moved to Cottage Grove in 1989, and welcomed their daughter, Anna, in 1992.

Since living in south Lane County, Dorothy has worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner for Lane County Health Department’s Family Planning Clinic, 4J School District, White Bird Medical Clinic, South Lane School District School-based Health Center, PeaceHealth-South Lane Medical Group, and, most recently, for Lane Community College’s Student and Staff Health Clinic. She also volunteered at the Volunteers In Medicine Clinic in Springfield. She retired in 2014.

Dorothy, whose mother was a social worker, has had a lifelong interest in mental health.

“I have accessed counseling services throughout my life when I have needed the skilled and objective support of another person,” she said. “I am now honored to be able to join with the highly qualified and organized South Lane Mental Health Board of Directors to promote mental health services for our community.”

Gail Hoelzle has been a member of the South Lane Mental Health board of directors for more than a decade.

Though she trained and went to school to become an English teacher, Gail and her sister, Birdy, instead opened a plant and bookstore in Cottage Grove. The two have owned and operated The Bookmine in downtown for more than 35 years.

Over the years, Gail said, she has been struck by the community’s need for mental health services and by South Lane Mental Health’s incredible response. “It’s very touching to see how many people the agency helps,” she said. “What I really treasure is that they never turn anyone away.”

Wonlyn Chapman moved from Salem to Cottage Grove in 1990 and became involved in the mental health arena. She has served on the South Lane Mental Health Board of Directors for more than 20 years.

“Having a family member with a severe mental disorder, I became quickly immersed in the conditions, symptoms as well as the impact it has upon families,” says Wonlyn. “I wanted to learn all I could from a practical and humanitarian standpoint. In doing so, I can bear witness to those same scenarios playing out in families over and over.”

It was this larger picture of other families suffering, she says, that compelled her to become an advocate for community-based mental health services.

“I am proud of the work we do at South Lane Mental Health,” Wonlyn says. “This organization is a model agency run with great efficiency. If all agencies across America were run as cost effectively as South Lane Mental Health, the burden of providing for the mentally ill population would be cut to a surprisingly lower level.”

An artist and sculptor, Wonlyn was instrumental in obtaining the Opal Whitley sculpture by Ellen Tykeson that graces the entry of the Cottage Grove Library.

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